Investing, 30.11.2017

Les problèmes des bourses de crypto-monnaies

Adam Yy

Les bourses de crypto-monnaies sont devenues un outil de profit pour les détenteurs d’actifs numériques. Cependant, elles sont loin de n’avoir que des avantages. Etant donné que les bourses représentent un point de vente central, elles ne correspondent pas vraiment à l’idée d’un système décentralisé : elles constituent un point individuel de défaillance, mais là n’est pas le seul problème.

Investing, 27.11.2017

Problems With Crypto-Exchanges

By Adam Y. 

Crypto-exchanges have emerged the tool to profit from crypto-asset ownership but they are far from being without their pitfalls. The exchanges, as a centralised point of sale, do not fit well with the idea of a decentralised financial system: they are a single point of failure, but this is not the only issue.

Forbes Online, 06.09.2017

Russian-Chinese Cryptocurrency Alliance Launch Delayed Over China’s ICO Hitch

In a last-minute twist of events in Moscow today, leading Russian cryptocurrency platform KICKICO announced that the launch of its planned ‘Chinese-Russian Cryptocurrency Alliance’ would be delayed until clarification of the new Chinese regulatory framework on initial coin offerings (ICO’s). The Alliance’s formal launch had been planned for September 6 in the Russian capital along with a leading player from China. 
Nevertheless, KICKICO’s partner CyberTrust did announce at a press conference held at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Moscow - with around 100 attendees including local and international media - the launch of a new "Russia-focused" exchange, CyberEX, in alliance with Chinese-based digital assets exchange C2CX. 

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